Within Reach Trailer
Within Reach Trailer

Her Calling (2017)

Based on true events surrounding Mansfield Female College, the first female college west of the Mississippi, 'Her Calling' tells the story of a young female student forced to give up her studies and become a nurse during the Civil War, always holding true to her passion.

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Set in New Orlean's, the French Quarter, 1940s. The passionate romance between a beautiful Aristocrat and a talented unknown artist proves to be strained by the vast differences of each other's character and the unwillingness to change who they are to conform.


A dramatization of the horrific disaster on June 23, 1900 when an immense two-week storm greets Atlanta bound Engine #7, the passengers aboard face a catastrophic crash, resulting in one of the worst train wrecks in American history.

Within Reach (2019)

Within Reach tells the story of a young woman who, like most of us, has spent her life looking outside for validation, only to be let down. She now must look beyond the surface to find her true happiness!

REFORM (2020)

When Katherine, a career-driven mother is faced with the tragedy of losing her only daughter to suicide as a result of being bullied, she must fight the justice system and bring meaning to her daughter's life.


As a result of being betrayed by the government, two women steal $3.4 trillion and secede their property from the United States with the intent to spark a revolution.       Tel: 347-768-0412

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